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Her not-so-much moment was Katy Perry in a Tom Ford look with a skirt of pink feathers and metallic sequin mock turtleneck long-sleeve top. "I think Katy Perry looked awful," Wilson said. As for Adele, "She does a really good job of dressing her curves in a way that doesn't look like she's trying to hide them," she said. Anderson begged to differ on Perry. "She looked phenomenal with her blond waves. Taking risks and keeping things fresh is what the Grammys are all about when it comes to fashion and beauty," he said. Kotsiopoulos, too, was less than enthused by this year's show of Grammy fashion. "There was no 'oh my god' moment," he said. Eric Wilson, the fashion news director for InStyle magazine, saw some trends. "I loved the wave of futuristic metallic fabrics worn by Katy Perry and Solange Knowles," said Wilson, the latter in a gold Gucci one-shoulder with fan ruffles. "But I had some trouble with all the crazy cleavage contraptions, which were probably a good idea on paper, but not on the body.

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New opposition chief whip Mr Brown, who served in the same role under both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, said he hoped to "bring experience" and "play a constructive role" in providing the "strongest possible opposition" to the Conservative government. Dame Rosie, who was opposition chief whip since 2010, said it had been an "honour" to do the job and thanked the whips and the Parliamentary Labour Party for their support. 'Submission not unity' Mr Corbyn paid tribute to her "six years' exceptional service" and said she had played "an outstanding role in her support for me as leader and for the Labour Party as a whole". The Opposition Whips' office are said to be "deeply saddened" by her departure while another Labour source told the BBC the reshuffle so far looked "vengeful and cack-handed". BBC political correspondent Iain Watson said he understood Dame Rosie did not leave her job voluntarily, and that there was "some significance" to her removal. She had been trying to get a deal agreed on shadow cabinet elections and was seen as a "bulwark against attempts to deselect MPs that disagreed with Mr Corbyn". Several prominent Labour figures took to Twitter to thank Dame Rosie for her work, including former leader Ed Miliband and former deputy leader Harriet Harman. Middlesbrough South MP Tom Blenkinsop, who has criticised Mr Corbyn's leadership in the past, tweeted: "Clear Corbyn wants submission not unity. Ignoring wishes of the PLP and just sacking and appointing regardless." A number of MPs unhappy with Mr Corbyn's leadership have said they could not serve in his shadow cabinet, including his former challenger Owen Smith.

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