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Indian online fashion start-ups take leaf out of Facebook, WhatsApp abilities to enable recommendations for shoppers Indian online fashion start-ups take leaf out of Facebook, WhatsApp abilities to enable recommendations for shoppers By: Ankita Rai | Published: May 25, 2017 3:51 AM Experts say when it comes monetisation, in addition to affiliate marketing, these social commerce platforms can look at brand advertising to monetise user footfalls and selling services to sellers. The social commerce space, which has so far seen deep-pocketed entrants like Facebook and Instagram testing waters, is seeing a slew of start-ups making their mark in their respective niche spaces. A case in point is Clip Wiser Technologies, a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) shopping platform that capitalises on one of the most potent means of selling: word of mouth. Recently, it launched an app to connect users with e-commerce websites along with their friends, family, relatives and social groups. The underlying idea is to enable users make better decisions while buying online; the app lets users to consult people in their social circle who further give their recommendations and suggestions. Roposo, another social commerce platform, focused on fashion recently launched an innovative chat-to-buy feature to enable smaller sellers sell via chat, in addition to WhatsApp which consumers were already using to connect with the sellers and finish transactions on the platform. Roposo has a community of bloggers, influencers and sellers. It has 4,000 small sellers active on Roposo. And 10% of them have chat to buy feature. Mayank Bhangadia, co-founder and CEO, Roposo, says, “Sellers can connect with buyers on WhatsApp too on our platform.

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